Minerva Huerta
Co-Owner of Beyond Reflexology
Owner / Professional Reflexologist / Cranial & Visceral Manipulation / Chirodontics Master / Esthetician Lymphatic Drainage / Teological Minister Certification
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Minerva Huerta was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She received her degree in Biology. Her deeply spiritual values are the cornerstone of her success and play an important role in the success of her therapy by being an addition to her professional training which includes.
Doble Certification of Reflexology, International Institute of Reflexology and Advance Institute of Reflexology from England Cranial Manipulation,Chirodontics Master Esthetician Lymphatic Drainage Visceral Manipulation I-Health Treatments Teological Minister Certification.
Minerva is a vivid example of personal and professional diversity. Her Therapy is based on belief that optimal life balance depends on treating the physical in conjunction with addressing the interaction of mental, spiritual and emotional. Her passion for helping people to reach their goals makes her treatments unique.
She also has an intuitive gift that connects her with the body that is telling her what to do and when to do it. She is an happy Wife and Mother of three children (two sons and one daughter) who are the joy of her life.

My Certifications

BS. Biology Cranial Techniques (Chirodontics)
Certified Master Esthetician Lymphatic Technique
Certified Reflexologist -ART ( Advance Reflexology Technique from England) Visceral Technique