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By Minerva Huerta

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE is one the most miraculous examples of using nature’s own healing methods for maintaining the body and keeping it in peak condition.

Centuries ago, men mapped out a healing energy that circulates through the body on specific pathways.

This energy is what we call “life force”. This vital life force of the body circulates along pathways that we can tap.

The hands {Hand Reflexology Massage}, as well as the feet {Foot Reflexology Massage}, find “reflex buttons” (estimated more than 800 points on the body) that are connected to all organs and glands.

Why Is Reflexology Needed and How Does it Work?

When these reflex centers are massaged correctly, they send a stimulating urge of new vigor to the corresponding part of the body, correcting imbalance in this primary flow and thereby helping nature to do the healing.

Quite frequently, both hand and foot reflexology massage is used together for beneficial health maintenance. This kind of massage has been known to alleviate some negative health conditions instantly and with no side effects such as those frequently suffered from medications.

These reflexology treatments are in no way miraculous, however, although they may seem that way.

They merely open the channels so that the normal healing process can be sped up by supplying more energy to the right places, thus aiding nature in her work of repairing the body.

Diseases are the result of malfunctioning cells and imperfection of body tissues due to unnatural elements of living.

It helps turning  into nature and give her a chance to put the body chemistry back into normal performance and rebuild perfect cells and new healthy tissues for your whole body.

How Does Reflexology differ from Western (Traditional) Medicine?

Reflexology requires no pills, drugs, tranquilizers or mutilating surgery. It can be self-administered with perfect safety, anywhere or anytime, and it can be used to help people of all ages.

One quote from Eastern Acupuncture doctors is that:

the Eastern medicine treats the body as a whole, while Western medicine treats the symptoms”.

They do not address the cause; consequently more symptoms emerge and we can be caught in a vicious, never ending cycle of illness and pain.

We are so conditioned to the need for pills, surgery and special treatments of ailments that many people are somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of this simple method of healing.

“Reflexology not only helps nature open up congested channels, but also sends a supply of prana, the magnetic vital life force of the universe charging through these channels like healing shock waves”.

It is a natural process of encouraging the body’s own systems to re-balance and repair. THAT’S WHY it works on any disorder because it helps the body to balance, improving blood supply and relaxing tension, which in turn helps to improve nerve supply and wake up the immune system allowing the body to fight its own battles.

Reflexology is not confusing, nor is it contradictory in any form. It is a simple, easy-to-use, harmless, yet scientific way to health. It can stop pain all over your body and, in many cases relief comes in

It can stop pain all over your body and, in many cases relief comes in matter of seconds because it addresses the cause, not just the symptom.

Who Uses Reflexology?

Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage are gaining popularity not only with therapists, but also with professional and physical workers who take the time during their coffee or lunch breaks to use reflex techniques to renew energy or calm nerves.

Many athletes enjoy this treatment before competition starts. Caregivers at nursing homes use reflexology every day to give their seniors the caring touch of reflexology that also helps restore circulation and the list goes on and on.

Of course, there may be acute conditions that require the services of a medical doctor, and certain diseases that require special medications. Reflexology is not intended as a substitute for medical care.


Reflexology not only cures specific ailments, but also can be used to keep you in good health because it helps you build resistance to diseases. In addition, the method often detects

In addition, the method often detects imbalance in your body that can cause health problems before they become serious.

It can help to reduce tensions in order to help you regain youthful energy.

Nature has provided the body with an outstanding capacity to heal itself. It is up to all of us to take an active role in learning what the body needs to function properly, that’s why prevention is the key.

Reflexology can be used safely by anyone, from small children to the very elderly.

It is a natural method to relieve pain and suffering. Some of the most frequent illnesses helped by Reflexology are headaches, hypertension, digestive disorders, infertility, insomnia; stress, and the list is endless because Reflexology helps your body to regain balance.

Hand & Foot Reflexology Massage in Salt Lake City are available at our studio in 5330 S. 900 E. – Salt Lake City, Utah 84117  – Call us (801) 266-4366) to schedule an appointment

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